Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SinPis (SP) anti-pollutant work?

The product acts as a repellent, of innocuous composition for the animals that trains them sensorially, that is to say, it teaches them through smell where they can and cannot go to mark, since they will detect a very annoying and unpleasant smell for them. However, it is odorless for us 🙂

Can it be used indoors and outdoors?

Indeed. It is suitable for use on floors, carpets, rugs, blankets…but also outdoors (patios, facades, terraces, etc.) It does not stain the surface to be treated using the dosage recommended by Diecolpet.

Is it suitable for dogs and cats?

That’s right. The product works with dogs and with domestic cats or stray or non-domesticated cats that have the habit of marking in the same place. The product may take a little longer to train cats since their sense of smell is less than that of a dog, but with patience they also stop marking.

What is the correct dosage?

The product is sold in concentrated form to minimize the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment, as caring for nature is part of Diecolpet’s philosophy.
CONCENTRATED PRODUCT SHOULD NEVER BE USED. It would be too irritating for our four-legged friends and we don’t want to bother them, just show them..
The container has a dosing reservoir. Measure 25-30 mL for indoor use and 60-80 mL for outdoor use and pour the contents into a spray can that Diecolpet delivers with the dosing bottle. The can is filled with water…and you’re done !!!!

How long should I use it?

Use should be daily for the first 15 days indoors and outdoors. Generally the pet learns very fast when it comes to its own home, after those days apply 1-2 times per week as a reminder.
Outdoors after this fortnight you can try spacing the application every 2-3 days depending on the need. If you have any doubts about our operation, please contact us by e-mail.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it directly on this website, in the product section you have all the options.

What is the difference between SinPis anti-pollutant and Ecorin biodispersant?

If you are a pet owner, you probably have to carry a small bottle of water with you when you go out for a walk because more and more municipalities are penalizing the failure to clean up after your pet.
Pet urine is very corrosive. It destroys street furniture and eats away at store fronts, not to mention the hygiene problem it poses.
However, diluting urine for a puppy has no effect. The dog has a wonderful sense of smell capable of detecting it without problems.
ECORIN destroys the molecules responsible for the bad odor of urine so that dogs do not urinate over and over again in the same place, protecting street furniture, business facades and doorways from corrosion.
It is ONLY suitable for outdoor use when we go out for a walk with our pets AND IS NOT A KEEPER. It does not teach the animal where to mark and where not to mark.


If you have any questions, please contact us