Eco-science for pets

Natural efficiency

Diecolpet is a research and development laboratory specialized in the design of veterinary pet care products.

Our commitment to animals and people is based on a conscious development of our products, an environmental awareness that has led us to research treatments using natural and organic ingredients*.

Innovative solutions that protect the health of your pet and your family.

*We use organic ingredients whenever the product is as effective as or more effective than similar products on the market.

DIECOLPET wins the RADAR EBT ODS Award, aimed at giving visibility to innovative technology-based companies that have a demonstrable impact and results in sustainable development.
In this edition, 12 candidatures were analyzed and the prize is endowed with 15,000 euros.
Repellent against pigeon repellents

SP SinPis® SP

Our star product, designed to prevent dogs from urinating in places we don’t want them to, for example the front of a shop on the street. This is one of the problems that most affects cities, our patented anti-urine stopper is the only one on the market with the Ecoitelseal (totally ecological) that is 100% effective without affecting the health of dogs.

250 ml. Super concentrated product, equivalent to 6 sprays of 750 ml.



Ecorin, for outdoors, is a biodispersant for urine that oxidizes the organic molecules present in urine and that are responsible for the bad odor when you go for a walk with your pet. Carry it in a small bottle with water to spray it where your pet has urinated. It also serves as a repellent, preventing other animals from urinating on urban furniture over and over again.

250 ml. Super concentrated product, equivalent to 6 750 ml sprayers.


Moisturizing Lotion for pads

Product developed to apply on puppies and pets that perform a lot of physical exercise to prevent the appearance of cracks or wounds.

500 ml.


Biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner

Designed for cleaning textiles in contact with your pet (clothes, beds, baskets). Suitable for cleaning toys, feeders and other utensils.

500 ml.


Diecoderm Organic Shampoo

Organic shampoo specially developed for pets with atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin, provides nutrition and hydration to the skin.

500 ml.

November 23, 2022

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