Asturian companies labeled as “green” – those that are respectful of the environment – are optimistic about the future and have a portfolio full of projects with which to make a leap in quality and consolidate their activity. Underpinned by the generation of quality employment. This was pointed out by three companies in the region that share this denomination: one of recent creation, Diecolpet, born in March 2020, a day before the confinement was decreed; another of medium size, Bioquechem, which was created in 2015, and a third much more veteran, the paper mill Ence, which has its factory in Navia.

All of them have projects in mind with which to continue making a leap in quality. This was made clear during the fourth session of the VIII Conference “The Asturias that works”, organized by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Oviedo, with the sponsorship of Unicaja Banco, the collaboration of Asturex and with the city councils of Oviedo and Siero as ambassadors.

“The green economy is, according to the United Nations (UN), one that results in improved human well-being and generates social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks,” the moderator of the roundtable didactically explained, Ana María Arias ÁlvarezCoordinator of the Accounting and Finance degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Diecolpet, Bioquechem and Ence fit this definition like a glove. The green economy,” she added, “is essential for poverty eradication. And it is a challenge for the traditional economy, which has to reduce its polluting emissions. But it opens up new businesses in fields such as new technologies, artificial intelligence or biotechnology”. It is a train, that of this new economy, for which Asturias wants to buy several tickets.


Diecolpet’s story is still short, but it’s going with the high beams on. Based in Laviana, the company manufactures ecological repellents for pet urine and feces. Vanesa Fernández, partner and co-founder of the micro-enterprise, explains that “we detected a problem that needed a real solution because the products on the market are not very effective”. So this chemist by training set to work to manufacture a liquid that was “harmless, safe for animals and humans, and that would allow us to penetrate a sector that was already dominated by well-known brands”. His invention is aimed at pet owners, of course, but also at municipalities so that they can apply it to urban furniture and thus increase its useful life. “This is a growing market, which has very strong expectations,” he noted. “Our product teaches pets where they can and cannot relieve themselves,” he also commented. It is their flagship product, but they already have more. “As a technology-based company, innovation is the focus that illuminates our activity,” added Vanesa Fernández. He also encouraged Business Administration and Management (ADE) students -the majority of the audience- to consider entrepreneurship as one of their future options when they finish their university studies. “Our idea is to continue using science and innovation to continue developing products and for our brand to be identified as one of the great ones,” he said.

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