SinPis’ prevents dogs -and cats- from peeing on facades and street furniture.

His secret has been to combine his knowledge of biology, dog and cat anatomy and chemistry.

Uncollected droppings and dog urine have become a headache for individuals but especially for merchants and municipal corporations that have to deal with large bills for damage to street furniture.

A problem for which an “anti-pollutant” product has been developed that is harmless for animals and humans and effective for humans. David Hevia, an Asturian chemist and founder of the company Diecolpet, came up with the idea: “I set up a small laboratory and started testing solutions until I found the formula,” he told Buenos Días.

How did the Asturian chemist come up with this idea? Some time ago his wife and he bought a house in a small village in Asturias called Canzana. A house that had been practically abandoned in an area where all the dogs of the town went to relieve themselves. Hence, he first became interested in the products on the market as “repellents” to deter animals from defecating.

The problem was the toxicity of these products, both for animals and humans. That’s when he started researching to find a product that would “scare away” the animals when it was time to relieve themselves and that would be harmless to them. I’m very sensitive to the toxicity of any product,” he says.

This product promises to save councils a lot of money by preventing dogs from continuously urinating on building facades, park benches, etc.: “The product is a great way to save money,” he says. corrosive power of dog urine is doing a lot of damage to the coffers of municipalities because they constantly have to repair and sometimes even replace and street furniture.”
‘SinPis’ is a concentrate that is diluted in water prior to application. It is used on surfaces where dogs urinate again (they come to the smell) and is applied on all types of surfaces. The method of use is very simple: the product is sprayed on fabric, clothes, wood, metal. What’s more, it does not stain or corrode.

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