Preventing dogs from urinating in certain areas of our homes or in the street, such as the doors of homes or businesses, is a very common concern. Why not create a product to prevent it that is safe, harmless and environmentally responsible? With this objective and after three years of research, Diecolpet, a laboratory for research and development of veterinary products for pet care, was born in 2020.

“We make products that are biodegradable, ecological and as innocuous as possible, trying to surpass the efficiency of what already exists,” explains Vanesa Fernández Requejo, founding partner of the company along with three other colleagues. Diecolpet currently markets its anti-pig repellent (which can be used to educate puppies), shampoo for dogs with dermatological problems, sanitizing cleaner for textile products and sanitizing lotion. The latter, designed in the wake of the pandemic and used to disinfect pets’ tails and paws after walks.

The hallmarks of Diecolpet products are their natural and organic ingredients and respect for the environment. “For pets, as for people, being exposed to fewer chemicals means greater safety. With our products we avoid putting all these substances in animals and in the environment,” explains Vanesa Fernández. Currently, Diecolpet’s products are sold in drugstores, perfumeries and online platforms such as Mascoteros. In 2021, the four partners expect to launch several new products and expand into the main pet stores in Asturias.

Tania Alonso Cascallana.

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